Gas Safety

Gas safety aboard any boat is a big part of Freshwater Marines work.
LPG by its nature is heavier than air & therefore should a gas leak occur, gas could potentially build up in the lowest point in the hull where at the right mixture of gas & air could become volatile & ignite!
Carrying out Soundness Testing on gas systems aboard can tell us more than if the LPG system is gas tight (not leaking). It can also tell us if the operating pressures are correct at the appliances & make sure that the pressure regulator is working within its required tolerance. New LPG installations are another big part of our work & being Gas Safe Registered, you can be assured that our work is carried out to current standards. We can help design new systems, fabricate & install gas lockers, pipe work & help with selection of the correct appliances to suit your requirements.
Any new appliances that we install have to be 'suitable for marine use'.

We can work on both Private & Hire Boats LPG systems & can also calculate ventilation which is a major part of the LPG installation as well as issuing Landlord Certificates to the Hire Fleet Operator.

If you think you can smell Gas aboard, isolate the supply immediately.
Then contact your local Marine Gas Safe Engineer!

What Our Clients Say

At Ferry Marina we have worked with Will at Freshwater for many years. The support and advice he provides has been invaluable. Nothing is too much trouble and he is an integral part of our team. When you run a busy hire fleet and marina like ours its essential for suppliers to be reliable, professional and accurate. We would recommend Freshwater to any boating business and private boater alike.
Peter Reeve - General Manager - Ferry Marina Horning